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Want to optimize your training and achieve your goals faster? We have a training system for you!

With a personal training system, you will have a plan on how to train to avoid plateauing and being stuck using the same weights every day. With personal training sessions, our goals are to ensure proper technique is being utilized to minimize injury, maximize progression and teach how to use equipment. If you are confident enough to not have a trainer at your side, we provide customized programs based on 4-week blocks for you to follow on your own schedule. We still offer video analysis and form critique along with a weekly check-in to see how you are progressing.

Personal Training Prices

1 on 1 Personal Training / Online CoachingCost
4 – 1 Hour session / Month$280
8 – 1 Hour session / Month$520
12 – 1 Hour session / Month$720
Custom Training Systems Cost
4 – Week Strength Training System$250
4 – Week General Fitness System$200
4 – Week Elite Fitness System$400
4 – Week Master Fitness System$500

Our clients may ask “why do you only provide programs 4 weeks at a time?” The reason why we work at 4 week increments is because not everyone will improve at the same rate. If we provide 8-12 week templates and you progress faster/slower than anticipated, the upcoming training weeks will affect the goals you made with us. We have seen our clients perform better because we are able to manipulate their program to progress at the rate they are improving.

These programs are based off a commitment of minimum 12 weeks. We do not claim you will have immediate results from a four week program which is why we recommend to at least 12 weeks to see progress. Price plans vary based on specificity, time commitment, nutrition plans, and coaching critique.

Questions about our programming? Contact us and we will schedule a zoom meeting for a consultation.

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