Reading and learning the benefits of fascial stretching is one thing, but seeing how others have benefitted from it will always speak louder than words. We take pride in hearing our clients go “WOW!” after their session. Here are some of our clients who have benefitted:

Shoulder range of motion, reduced shoulder pain, adhesive capsulitisImproved shoulder ROM,

Natalie came in with some nagging shoulder issues and wanted to work on her shoulder and scapula mobility that she has been dealing with for several years. After one session of stretching, she was able to make contact with her left hand easier and made full contact with her right hand! She also did not have any clicking or a dull strain she has been feeling for months.

Hip pain, hip mobility, joint pain, squat, back pain relief

Gino came to us to help with some shoulder and hip issues that has been bothering him for the last couple of years. Before we stretched him, we performed a test on ranges of motion for both his hips and shoulders and saw he was compensating in his movements. After retesting him from his 1 hour session, he had significant improvement for both his shoulders and hips! He contacted us a few days later to inform us that he no longer had pain on his hips and lower back which he was happy to report.