ACE Performance & Recovery.

A movement-specialist based company in Palm Beach County 

Hip traction, Joint capsule stretch, traction, hip pain, knee pain, hamstring, hamstring pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, drop foot, stretch, assisted stretch.

Whether you are in our studio or in the comfort of your home, we will improve your mobility, restore movement, and have you feeling better about yourself by utilizing fascial stretch therapy and advanced modalities. 

Our Services

We run a mobile assisted-stretching service and perform private and small group training at our studio where we analyze your movement patterns and correct them to create longevity in your active life. 

Piriformis syndrome, Glute stretch, tight glutes, Hip opener, Tight Hips,

For more general information and scheduling a session, Visit our contact section and let’s get started today. 

The Coach 

Christopher has been in the industry for over nine years teaching, instructing, and training athletes of various levels to reach their goals and surpass them. 

1 Hour Stretch session


2 weeks validity

1 Hour Corrective Movement Session


Packages Available

Personalized Training system


4 Week program 

ACE Performance & Recovery

Founded in 2019 by Christopher Escamilla, ACE PR, is a renowned mobility and health studio based in Lake Worth, FL

Do you have questions about our mobile assisted-stretching, programming or the private training we offer at our studio? Contact us!



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